Our Brands

Our brands

With the growing demand for CBD products across the UK, our Goodbody suite of products have been repositioned as the Best Quality, Best Value – guaranteed.  With a new pricing structure and a membership model for creating loyalty we are set to expand our customer base. Alongside this we have a road map of product introductions planned.

Best Quality, Best Price- Guaranteed

Goodbody Botanicals is our primary retail subsidiary. The brand, which sells CBD products online and on the high street, aims to become the UK’s number one retail CBD brand by capturing significant market share with major pharmacy, wellness and grocery retail chains. Goodbody Botanicals has a partnership agreement with Alliance Healthcare, one of the leading distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products in the UK. 

Goodbody Clinic

Private Coronavirus & Blood Testing in England & Wales.  Understanding the need to offer robust and convenient Coronavirus testing in a timely manner as well as expanding our product range to offer health blood tests.

We have an ever-increasing number of locations in England and Wales, our Goodbody Clinics offer an expanse of tests to include;

  1. Coronavirus (RT-) PCR Tests – UKAS accredited.
  2. Tests to Release – A test to break isolation early.
  3. In-Clinic Day 2 Arrivals Testing – For returning to the UK from a green list or fully vaccinated from Amber list country. 
  4. Covid-19 Antibody Test – Has your vaccine worked? 
  5. Wellness Blood Testing – a range of blood tests from diabetes to overall general health.

Trusted Sanitisation Solutions

Leaving no opportunity missed we understood early the growing demand for trusted, high-quality sanitisation solutions to support a consumers wellbeing in this new world. Goodbody Corporate Sanitiser Solutions offers:

  1. White label sanitiser solutions
  2. Goodbody sanitiser with two distinctive formulas:
    1. WHO (World Health Organisation) formula
    2. CBG Sanitiser formula
  3. Sanitiser Solutions
    1. A variety of display solutions are offered from the individual consumer purchase to regular deliveries to large scale operations. From large standalone sanitiser stations to the handbag size spray option.