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Specialist ISO accredited laboratory testing CBD & hemp products

PhytoVista laboratories has state of the art custom built facilities in both the UK and Poland offering specialist testing in CBD and hemp products.

Our UK laboratory is ISO17025 accredited and is planning to expand the scope of the accreditation while working with the Polish laboratory team to expand cannabinoid testing in Europe.

Almost exclusively B2B, and the relationship between laboratory and customer is to provide data to support the clients’ Quality Management Systems and legal obligations. Well respected and known within the industry, PhytoVista Laboratories have been working with a growing set of customers for a number of years. This division of the Goodbody Health Group is set apart from any cross overs with our CBD brand.

We have recently launched a new UK website and will continue to develop this and other marketing initiatives in the UK and Europe.

“The expertise and skills within the team as well as the state-of-the-art equipment position us well to deliver accurate results for any CBD manufacturing business. We understand that compliance and quality are essential for their CBD brand. We use validated methodology and operate to strict quality systems, ensuring full traceability of samples and results. Providing support to retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the CBD and Hemp industry, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times and quality customer service. ”

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Laboratory equipment

Across our two European sites we utilise a number of complex laboratory equipment:

Testing services

Here is a snapshot of our specialised testing for a range of finished products and extracts, providing accredited, accurate results allowing providers to put safe products to market.

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Cannabinoid Testing

PhytoVista Laboratories will produce results you can trust. Our UK based facility uses the latest cannabinoid testing techniques so that we can provide you with results for:

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With the growth of the CBD-based products market, the search for cheap raw materials such as artificially produced CBD could become a big problem. There are already a number of studies reporting the use of artificial cannabinoids and their potential health risks, a key issue is looking for evidence of adulteration with low-cost, low-quality synthetic CBD.

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Content Analysis

At PhytoVista Laboratories we use fully validated GC (gas chromatography) that can provide accurate analysis of 22 terpenes.

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Stability Testing

To determine the shelf-life of a product, stability studies are conducted with the aim to simulate the environmental conditions in which the product will be stored while on the market and after reaching the consumer.

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Brand Objectives

The business landscape has shifted significantly over the years of operation, primarily driven by the Novel Food authorisation process in the UK. The Government Chemist, Home Office, Food Standards Agency, Department of Business Energy and Infrastructure (among others) are now key stakeholders in defining the requirements for the domestic infrastructure for manufacture and testing of consumer cannabinoid products.

Our objective for the brand having established an early foothold in the industry, is to evolve and remain relevant as complexity of testing requirements increase.