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Private Coronavirus & Blood Testing in England & Wales

Goodbody Clinics, (part of Goodbody Wellness), has over 140 clinics nationwide, giving customers the ability to visit for a blood test and PCR appointment.

Since conception in 2020, we have taken over 100,000 tests nationwide.

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Our products & services

Our existing product and services range consists of:

Our growing range of wellness tests include popular screening tests such as Cholesterol Levels, Thyroid Function, Pre-Diabetes, TruCheck Early Cancer Screening, Well Woman, AND Well Man tests.

TruCheck is a CE certified cancer screening solution offered for single and multi-organ cancer screening. TruCheck offers a paradigm shift in cancer screening through a novel process of utilising the analysis of CTCs using advanced technology which allows highly sensitive detection of cancer at early stages.  There is clear evidence that cancer screening leads to early detection, saves lives and leads to a less radical treatment with fewer side effects.

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Private blood testing

Goodbody Clinics offers a range of private blood tests, some of the products offer in clinic results at the point of testing.

Our in – clinic blood tests are undertaken by a professional trained healthcare provider who will undertake a venous blood draw.

The biomarkers given provide insights into your health and wellbeing. With everything from cholesterol, diabetes, heart and prostate tests.

Each customer is offered the opportunity for a follow up GP referral consultation.

Our product road map is to use the data and technology to further develop our diagnostic testing and services.

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Cholesterol Profile

Man with hands pressing on to his thyroids

Thyroid Function

Woman holding a phone and smiling

Hormones & Fertility Profile

Man taking a diabetes test

Pre-Diabetes HbA1c

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Advanced Well Woman Profile

Man wearing a flannel shirt smiling

Advanced Well Man Profile

Visualisation of COVID

COVID-19 Antibody Profile

STI screening image

STI Screening

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Antibody blood testing

The Goodbody Clinic simple finger prick test shows whether you have an immune response with Covid-19 antibodies.

In three of our clinics we also offer a venous draw antibody test to test for IgG or IgM antibodies.

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PCR testing

For our current PCR and Antigen tests the customer can purchase online, visit a clinic to undertake their test and receive their results via text. They also have access to our in-house customer service team who are well trained in answering and helping any queries.

“Using our established blueprint, we are rapidly expanding our clinics through local independent pharmacies together with mobile solutions to offer health and wellbeing products to the local community. We have created solid relationships with our new and existing pharmacists to drive footfall and offer support to our ever-expanding product and service range”.

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Partner clinics

Our partner clinics set up as an agreement with Goodbody, where we offer a support package to include a customer service team and training. We have grown the number of clinics substantially with a growth plan until 2024.

Graph showing the cumulative monthly number of clinics set up in 2021
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