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Leading the way

We are a wellness company, focusing on the Health and Wellness of our customers through the local community by the introduction and use of cutting edge diagnostic equipment.

Goodbody Health has distribution and a network of phlebotomy enables clinics which, when combined with our marketing expertise, digitisation skills, industry leading support platforms, commercialisation with 3rd party cutting edge science and diagnostic technologies is a powerful combination.

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Goodbody Health has created a powerful combination of state-of-the-art quality diagnostic testing technology integrated with in-house experts comprising of marketing, digitisation, commercialisation and a blueprint of bringing to market to a nationwide distribution network.

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Response to the Pandemic

In 2020, Goodbody set up COVID testing clinics for travellers in response to the pandemic. The success of these clinics continues to evolve into a range of wellness testing products and services with the realisation that customers are looking for wellness management as well as symptom diagnosis. Under the customer brand positioning of ‘Know More – Live Better’, this has yielded strong sales growth and much needed revenue for the local independent pharmacies who are pro-active in helping their community.

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Moving forward

Goodbody ended 2022 with over 200 clinics, over 250,000 tests with a 4.7 Google star rating. We offer a range of diagnostic blood and other testing services including early cancer indicators. We also provide over 18 CBD wellness products online, via wholesale and two CBD and Hemp testing laboratories based in the UK and Poland.

“Using our ever-growing network of community diagnostic hubs, clinics and mobile clinics we are well positioned to provide nationwide healthcare services in the local community. We have established a great reputation within the independent pharmacies for driving footfall and supporting their business and the community to that pharmacy. Part of our road map is to continue to bring on board new technologies to either test or communicate with our customer base”.

At Goodbody Health

We offer a community-based solution to help those looking for private blood tests and other screening services.

Goodbody Clinics has an established network over 200 clinics offering diagnostic and other health services

We established a blueprint and Goodbody Health is rapidly expanding it’s network of products and services.

We work with a number of technology led testing devices and negotiate with key technology partners.

We are supportive of the drive from the NHS to operate first-touch screening services via Community Diagnostics Hubs, (CDH’s) such as pharmacies. Goodbody Clinic are poised to supply this market to take the pressure off GP’s and hospitals.

We have close relationships within the local community clinics as well as mobile clinics, driving footfall and subsequently much needed revenue for independent pharmacies.

We have strong liquidity and a robust balance sheet.

We offer a virtual GP referral pathway

We are a distributor and retailer of diagnostic and wellness products and services.

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Our strategy

Our strategy, at Goodbody Health, is to develop a national footprint of Community Diagnostic Hubs (CDHs) to provide key observational tests, (a bottle neck in the NHS), to the local community. Supporting the NHS, we will disrupt the market providing cutting edge diagnostic tests with results given in-clinic rather than the clinic to laboratory wait times.

This will be undertaken using our current partners quality, accredited diagnostic technologies as well as sourcing new and relevant diagnostics suitable for the changes in the marketplace.

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Routes to market

Our routes to market include local clinics, mobile, online, business to business, and public organisations such as schools.

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A selection of our technologies held at our Community Diagnostic Hubs/Clinics:

Abbot Afinion 2 Analyser

Evidence backed and laboratory equivalent portable sampling device delivering simple finger prick test results in 5 minutes. The Afinion 2 Analyser is the result of years of continuous product innovation and refinement and delivers actionable point-of-care test results in just a few minutes. From just a finger prick sized sample, lab accurate results for CRP, HbA1c, ACR and Lipid Panel are made available during the consultation.

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Goodbody Health Group, (previously called Sativa Wellness Group), is a publicly traded company with its UK office located at The Blue Building, Stubbs Lane, Beckington, Somerset, BA11 6TE, UK.

The Company’s common shares are traded on the Apex segment of the AQSE Growth Market (“AQSE”), under the trading symbol “GDBY”, and is quoted on the over the counter (“OTC”) market in the United States under the trading symbol “GDBYF”.

Planned 2,000 clinics by 2024. Year 1 targeting customers within an 8 mile radius to the clinic.

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