ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbody Health announces the launch of its Health “MOT” diagnostic test

Goodbody Health Inc.
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26th May 2022

Goodbody Health announces the launch of its Health “MOT” diagnostic test

Goodbody Health (AQSE: GDBY) is pleased to announce that it has launched its core UK Health “MOT” test which offers a comprehensive summary of a person’s health.  Keenly priced at £99, this new test includes innovative in-clinic diabetes and cholesterol tests, with results finalised in minutes. These tests determine a person’s risk for developing cardiac health problems or diabetes over the next 10 years.  Consistent with our value of ‘Know More – Live Better”, knowing more about one’s current wellness empowers the individual to take better control of their health.

Goodbody products and services are focussed on prevention and will help alleviate the pressures on the NHS in line with the NHS long term plan.  We are launching to coincide with Type 2 Diabetes prevention week, highlighting 1 in 15 people in the UK has diabetes according to Diabetes UK and 1 million people who have type 2 diabetes that have not yet been diagnosed. 

This health check, alongside our other diagnostic tests, will start as a trial in a number of chosen pharmacies and our own stores based in Bath and Bristol before rapidly being rolled out nationally. It will be provided within Goodbody’s nationwide distribution network of community pharmacies and supported with marketing materials and activities to drive traffic and increase footfall into pharmacies.  The UK population is 67 million and an estimated 95% will visit a pharmacy at least once a year meaning a potential 63.7 million customers.

Geremy Thomas, Executive Chairman, said: “We are very excited about the launch of the MOT product. The recent pandemic has made us all realise that our health is our most important asset, there has never been a better time to take control of your current health. With a number of clinics already on board and the testing available using new, innovative technology, our developing network will soon be able to offer the MOT as an additional product within their pharmacy”.

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