ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbody Health Inc. Move up to OTCQB from OTC pink market

Goodbody Health Inc.
(“Goodbody” or “Goodbody Health” the “Company” or the “Group”)

22nd February 2022

Goodbody Health move up to OTCQB from OTC pink market

Goodbody Health Inc. (GDBYF) is pleased to announce that it has moved up a tier from the over the counter market (“OTC”) pink market to the OTCQB market. Goodbody Health welcomes the increased compliance and scrutiny, demonstrating the strong governance of the group and allowing it to be more visible to larger investors.

As a verified market with efficient access to U.S. investors, OTCQB helps companies build shareholder value with a goal of enhancing liquidity and achieving fair valuation. It gives companies the flexibility to control reporting costs and complexity, while still providing investors with a premium market for their securities. The OTCQB platform enables companies to provide current public information that investors need to analyze, value and trade a security, with convenient trading through an investors preferred broker or financial advisor, transparent pricing with real-time quotes, and trusted disclosure.

Geremy Thomas, Executive Chairman, said; “This move to a higher tier of the OTC demonstrates our ability and wish to be part of a regulated but flexible market to offer the best environment for our US investor base.”

For further information:

Marc Howells
Chief Executive Officer
Goodbody Health Inc.
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[email protected]

AQSE Growth Market Corporate Advisor
Corporate Finance
Antonio Bossi / George Morgan
Arden Partners Ltd
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Anne Tew
Chief Financial Officer
Goodbody Health Inc.
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